An analysis of the effects of highspeed trains on society

While the increase in tourism in certain cities cannot be generalized, it is also important to recognize the potential negative effects of HSR. Above all, the main effect of HSR projects on the quality of the local means of production stems from the relationship between accessibility and urban productivity.

An analysis of essay a day at the races When departing Donny trained, his trou-de-loup collapsed falsely. Estimating the agglomeration benefits of transport investments: Some tests for stability. By reducing unemployment and providing a cash infusion to the local economy, the construction effect can make HSR projects more politically acceptable.

Economic Geography, 46, — Urban growth and transportation. This is not to say that HSR makes no difference in existing dynamics but that it operates within the framework of a process driven by the economic actors. Jia, S.

negative effects of high-speed rail

Finally, it is important to recall that ex-ante estimates of the wider economic impacts of HSR are hypothetical by definition.

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An analysis of the effects of highspeed trains on society