Analysing genetically modified and organic foods biology essay

This type of genetic engineering involves altering, transferring, and recombining genes from disparate organisms. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Ann Int Med. It is well known that GM food is a complex issue, and information from the Internet is often unverified and inaccurate.

genetically modified food essay

Throughout the 21st century, genetic engineering tremendously impacted new research in pharmaceutical and forensic science. Both the positive and negative sides had experts debating for or against GM food.

Analysing genetically modified and organic foods biology essay

By being able to alter their genes into making them grow in a certain way like faster, tastier, and reproduce faster, these modifications allow for the plants and crops to have new varieties of plants and crops that will be formed gradually.

The two opposing sides argue on the ethical standpoint of the act of genetically modifying plants and animals. Until public doubts about GM food are addressed in a balanced and evidence-based manner, it will be difficult for China to develop sound policies and programs that will benefit the agribusiness industry and consumers.

dangers of genetically modified food

The benefits of GM crops such as greater productivity, reduced need for pesticides and herbicides, increased economic benefits for large and small farmers alike, have been extensively reviewed.

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