How to promote national integration in malaysia

In the classrooms of national secondary schools, teaching and learning process promote cooperative learning methods such as doing projects, case research, group discussion, pair work and group assignments to help students of different races to not only improve communication skills with each other but also to interact, share ideas and learn teamwork spirit Neo et al.

However due to colonial policies and increasing economic prosperity, the society evolved ethnically into present day multi-ethnic Malaysians The consensus from Department of Statistics Malaysia revealed Malaysians of the 21st century as coming from three major groups; In short, this land has changed from a homogenous society to a pluralistic society with Malaysians coming from different cultures, languages and religions.

how to promote unity in malaysia essay

They claimed that racial harmony cannot be fostered through education initiatives alone. Respondent 02 said that affordable education includes scholarships and financial help for underprivileged students to keep schooling. For instance, the New Economic Policy was said to improve the living standard of the entire population, but in reality, it primarily helped the Malays.

Finally, the paper will analyse if 1Malaysia concept conceived to promote unity will be the right panacea for removing ethnicity barriers among Malaysians. From the independent to present, this country has faced many challenges, problems and obstacles in national integration.

ways to achieve national unity in malaysia

The Malay remains the national language but the importance of Chinese has been recognized following the rise of the Chinese economy. Shah Alam: Oxford Fajar. As part of co-curriculum activities, sports and games, uniformed bodies, clubs and societies help students to interact with each other; speech day, field trips, sports carnivals, fund raising events are designed to draw out involvement from all students to socialise together Nagendralingan, Beginning from that until today, there is a single national education system in this country.

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Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools Essay Example