How to write a military biographical sketch

Now, what is more, challenging about writing a bio yourself? Include your enlistment information, all training you received and all units and locations to which you have been deployed.

I am the primary instructor for the EMT-B refresher course.

navy biography template

Identify any civilian schooling you have had. Responsibilities included scheduling, training, inventory control of incoming and outgoing merchandise, maintaining stock on the sales floor, merchandising and customer service.

Detail your family history including parents, spouse, and children if any.

army biographical sketch template

Start with your first year of training and work your way up to the present. There are different formats that you can use when writing your biography for the army but it would be better if you stick with the classic or standard format to make it more professional.

Because there are many ways to format this information, personal military biographies offer you an opportunity to highlight the elements of your military career about which you are most proud.

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How to Write a Personal Military Biography