My home is like paradise on earth

Other must-dos include watching the sun set at the lovely art deco Elevador Lacerda, savouring traditional Bahian cuisine at the superb Paraiso Tropical restaurant, and signing up for a percussion class or a capoeira session.

Paradise on earth meaning

They provide intervals of beauty and solitude snatched from a crowded, accelerated life of busyness. Even the spirits that they worship as part of the local Candomble faith, based on West African religions, have a zest for life. Our Mana Pools-born guide and son-of-a-guide tells us workers' wages go unpaid. The simplest manifestation of a traveller's nirvana is a magnificent location. As well as its birds, its fish, its walks, its quirky island ways, Lord Howe Island is a potent personality-altering substance. There's always a fly in the ointment of travel destinations claimed as paradise: tropical diseases, ugly hotels, surly locals, a lack of plumbing. We worry about them, raise money if something's needed, bring over parcels of donations, and follow their lives with interest. With gorgeous architecture and wonderful Greek weather, Oia Village is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The lagoon in the shelter of the reef on the western side of the island hosts the world's most southerly coral gardens. No two rooms are the same; many have lake views.

Mountains are for sunny tramps beneath silent snow peaks, hissing waterfalls and pine-scented forest. A city where — depending on your mood — you can both kick on and kick back.

Snorkelling around the base of Pinnacle Rock with penguins yes, penguinsI feel like I've slipped through a fissure that has brought me to another dimension.

Paris, France Paris is known for being a city of love, but it should be known for its beauty as well. Read on to see the top twenty most beautiful places to live in the world.

which place is heaven on earth

Surely paradise must look like this: majestic, muscular peaks coupled with pretty gardens, gingerbread houses and vivid flowerboxes in a yin-yang of scenery.

Mountains became the subject of poetry and painting, and soon alpine tourism was born. STAY Cruise ship, icebreaker or yacht: it's up to you.

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21 Most Beautiful Places In The World To Visit